Our goal is to make a difference in meeting energy needs.


We explore, produce and develop oil and gas resources in Malaysia and abroad to deliver long term value to all our stakeholders.


With onshore prospects in Canada, exploration in South America and deepwater drilling in Brunei, we are venturing into a broad portfolio of reserves and playtypes, applying innovative technology and developing niche technical solutions to maximise our hydrocarbon potential.


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Upstream at a Glance


We have consistently demonstrated that we are good partners with host governments and other oil companies in monetising oil and gas resources. Through decades of growth, we have built the knowledge and experience to deliver world class projects and some of the world’s firsts across the integrated oil and gas value chain.

Our Dual Role


We are a fully integrated multinational oil and gas Company with a global track record of successful onshore and offshore developments from wellhead to delivery.


Our unique operating model as operator and regulator is proven via the astute management and sustainable development of Malaysia’s oil and gas resources, as well as our upstream operations across more than 23 countries.

Our Global Presence


We have explored some of the world’s most challenging terrains to secure new reserves. We ventured into deepwater exploration and entered into highly complex HPHT reservoirs and wells with high CO2 content to boost yields. We also maximised recovery from discovered fields through Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) efforts.
We are bringing these capabilities to the field as we continue growing our portfolio of high-value resources, pursuing value-driven growth across focused geographies and high potential oil basins.