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Our Brand Story

Discover PETRONAS brand story from the start of our humble beginnings to where we are as PETRONAS is passionate in building a sustainable future, delivering progress to our nation, communities, and organisation.

Our Logo

The PETRONAS logo is dynamic and demonstrates the capabilities and expertise of the organisation.

The solid circle illustrates the latent potential within the individuals, the communities and the environment. The triangle points to a firm direction, as well as representing the relationships between the Federal Government, State Government and PETRONAS.

Created with a single stroke of a continuous line, the logomark reflects our passion in constantly seeking innovative solutions and delivering progress. The sleekness of our logo conveys an approachable feel, depicting a human-centred organisation that inspires and nurtures talents as well as contributes to the community through responsible action and care.


Our circles graphic, also known as the “PETRONAS Dots”, is created with a digital-first approach. The PETRONAS Dots are constantly evolving just like the way energy flows. They take on infinite forms from a simple and precise foundation.

PETRONAS recognises that energy exists in multiple forms – from the carbon molecules of the earth, the electrons of the sun, to the latent potential that lies in every individual. And that is what each circle represents. It pays homage to our core identity, while the precise structure demonstrates our expertise and technological capabilities.

The circle sits at the heart of what we do, PETRONAS activates each circle’s potential setting it in the right direction.

Every time this happens, we make progress together.

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