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Responsible Governance

PETRONAS aims to safeguard the organisation’s commitments by upholding strong governance mechanisms and ethical business practices.

Integrity Governs Our Operations

Our Code of Conduct & Business Ethics Guide (CoBE) affirms our commitment to uphold sustainable development in order to meet the world’s growing energy needs through economic, environmental, and socially responsible efforts, underpinned by a framework of responsible governance. The CoBE governs how we conduct business and run operations. As integrity is paramount, PETRONAS employees are expected to act in good faith and ensure fidelity, diligence, and integrity on all occasions. Our policies address various potential compliance and ethical risks such as whistleblowing, acts of solicitation, bribery, corruption, gifts and entertainment, and money laundering.

Responsibility at the Heart of Our Operations

Wherever we operate, we responsibly manage air emissions, waste water, hazardous waste, soil and groundwater. The PETRONAS Water Practices and Waste Management Guidelines help us manage water and waste more efficiently. Our efforts begin right from the start where we minimise waste generation at the front-end design and engineering stages, by adopting good industry practices in reducing and recycling waste. While in our day-to-day operations, we conduct environmental risk assessments at various phases throughout our projects.

Risk Management Systems And Frameworks To Drive Climate Actions

PETRONAS is doing its part for the low-carbon landscape and supports Malaysia’s’ transition towards a low-carbon economy by reducing emissions, advocating clean energy and driving operational excellence. These efforts and initiatives are guided by rigorous risk management systems and strict frameworks across our operations. With frameworks such as PETRONAS Climate Change Framework and PETRONAS Carbon Commitments in place, we continue to advocate for a low-carbon landscape by investing in cleaner energy solutions such as PFLNG SATU and PFLNG DUA, explore renewable energy alternatives with our solar energy arm Amplus Energy Solution, and factor in carbon pricing into decision making processes.

Personnel Safety is Top Priority

When it comes to safety, we believe everyone is accountable. This is why we focus on ensuring technical integrity and reliability of our facilities and operations in our business undertakings. While we implement robust governance mechanisms, we also leverage strong HSE leadership of our top management to inculcate a deeper sense of HSE discipline and mindsets within the organisation. And to promote and strengthen a safety-first culture within our peers in the industry, we engage closely with stakeholders such as host governments, contractors and communities.

Vigilance On Potential Human Health Impacts And Risks

The health and well-being of surrounding communities sit at the heart of how we operate. In playing our part to conduct our operations safely and responsibly, we perform Human Health Risk Assessment (HHRA) at our operations areas, both in Malaysia and globally. Our HRRA provides estimates on the environmental health risks to the broader society arising from emissions and discharges from our operations. We do it continuously and periodically so that we actively identify potential risks and take actions to eliminate or reduce the adverse impacts. Our voluntary commitment to HHRA demonstrates our best practices to uphold human rights.

Respecting Human Rights

We care about treating communities around us and those who collaborate with us fairly and ethically. PETRONAS’ Human Rights Commitment is how we implement our resolute respect and holistic measures for internationally recognised human rights in our operations and interactions with all stakeholders. Aligned to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), we focus on four areas of Labour and Working Conditions, Responsible Security, Supply Chain, and Community Well-being. We practice due diligence, drive the grievance management processes to manage human rights risks and create positive social impacts for the surrounding communities in areas of our operations.

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