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Fuelling Southeast Asia forward

with a natural super-power

Fuelling Southeast Asia forward with a natural super-power

In Malaysia, we make natural gas highly accessible through our >2,600km Peninsular Gas Utilisation (PGU) pipeline network which channels processed gas to customers across the country, as well as to Thailand and Singapore.

Beyond processed gas, we also supply steam, power and industrial gases through the Kerteh Integrated Petrochemical Complex in Terengganu and Gebeng Industrial Area in Pahang.

Solutions designed, just for you

Solutions designed, just for you

As a trusted partner for lower carbon energy solutions, we offer a diverse range of accessible natural gas solutions that support your business growth.

Gas Processing
Our processing plants process natural gas to ensure that it is safe and ready for use accross various sectors and industries.
Gas Transportation
We transport sales gas to power sectors, petrochemical plants and various industries — with a track record of operational excellence spanning more than 30 years.
With our added capacity and terminals, we promote the importation of LNG into Malaysia and the growth of the national gas industry.
Our utilities production serves customers accross many industries.
- Electricity & Steam
- Industrial Gases
- Treated Water
Third Party Access
We have opened up our gas infrastructure to Third-Party Access as part of our commitment in supporting the liberalization of the domestic gas market.