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Kami berbangga dengan pencapaian yang dikecapi sejak sekian lama. Pelbagai anugerah dan pengiktirafan ini merupakan bukti kukuh kepada usaha berterusan kami untuk mencapai kecemerlangan merentas Kumpulan PETRONAS.


Graduates Choice Awards

Group Human Resource Management (GHRM)

  1. Winner for Oil & Gas category
  2. Winner for Chemical category
  3. Winner for Engineering category
  4. 4th Place for Convenience Store

PETRONAS has once again earned its place among the elite, being recognised as one of the Top 5 employers at the prestigious Graduates' Choice Award (GCA) 2024. This achievement is a resounding testament to the positive impact PETRONAS has made on university students nationwide across various categories, including Chemical, Engineering, Oil & Gas, and Convenience Store. PETRONAS’ Group of Companies, such as BASF PETRONAS Chemical Sdn Bhd, Setel, and KL Convention Centre were also named in the top 5 of their respective categories, namely Chemical and Convention Centre.

PETRONAS secured the top position in Chemical, Engineering, and Oil & Gas categories, as well as maintaining a consistent champion status in the Oil & Gas category for five consecutive years, displaying the general sentiment among students from both private and public universities that regard us as their employer of choice upon graduation.

Awarded by: Talentbank
Level: National


GRADUAN Brand Awards

Group Human Resource Management (GHRM)

  1. Winner for Malaysia Most Preffered Employer in Energy Sector
  2. Winner for Malaysia Most Preffered Employer in Sustainability

PETRONAS once again triumphed as we were voted top of Energy Sector category at GRADUAN Brand Awards 2023. PETRONAS' exemplary dedication to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship was also recognised through the Sustainability Award.

With over 74,000 participants in the behavioural study, voters named PETRONAS’ Graduate Employability Enhancement Scheme (GEES) as one of the four most preferred management trainee programmes next to Bank Negara, Maybank, and Nestle. 

These awards and recognitions therefore sealed our status as one of the most preferred employers, strengthening our employee value proposition, branding, visibility, and appeal as an employer among graduates and jobseekers.

Awarded by: Biz Connexion
Level: National


Malaysia’s 100 Awards

Group Human Resource Management (GHRM)

  1. Winner for Energy, Oil & Gas, Utilities
  2. Second Place for Overall Ranking

PETRONAS was named the First Runner Up at the Malaysia's 100 Leading Graduate Employers ranking on 15 November 2023. The gala awards ceremony recognises the most outstanding graduate recruiters in the country via The Overall Awards, as well as those who stood out within key industry sectors via The Sector Awards. Apart from being the first runner up, PETRONAS also won the Sector Award for Energy, Oil & Gas for Utilities category.

Overall, PETRONAS' success in the Malaysia's 100 Leading Graduate Employers ranking is a reflection of its commitment to excellence in all aspects of its operations. We are aspired to remain as the top choice of employment for graduates to push their potential and achieve their career aspirations.  

Awarded by: GTI Media Sdn. Bhd.
Level: National


Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2023

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Oil & Gas
  2. Big Data - Oil & Gas
  3. Automation - Oil & Gas
  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) - Energy

PETRONAS shines at the Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards, securing a total of four out of six categories; recognizing its innovative digital solutions in the Oil & Gas and Energy industries for its machine learning operations in PETRONAS’ Peninsular Gas Utilisation system and Engineering Wizard initiative. Their remarkable achievements were recognized for Downstream Digital & Innovation, Gas Business Digital, NervCentre, and Enterprise Data.

Awarded by: Singapore Business Review
Level: Regional
Country: Singapore


National Annual Corporate Report Awards 2021 (NACRA 2021)

Special Project Award - Silver

Level: National
Country: Malaysia

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